The voind robot – from concept to reality

One of the challenges that we faced since the inception of the voind concept was how to control and use audio equipment that has no MIDI interface nor any other means of being controlled electronically. This is especially relevant for audio vintage equipment which, as the surveys conducted during our participation on the Energia de Portugal 2013 acceleration program showed us, is an interesting application of the “remote use of audio equipment” concept.

After evaluating a number of options based on hobbyist and industrial robotic arms, and collaboration scenarios with local engineering universities, we decided to design and build it ourselves.


some of the early design concepts

We settled on a design based on a rotating arm suspended from a horizontal guide in which the robot chassis would also provide the rack rails for 4Us of 19” rack equipment.


This project is being developed since August 2013. We will try to post regular progress updates on this same blog.


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